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Compassionate. Committed. Qualified.

For nearly 30 years, Atlanta native Andrea L. Boone has served the citizens of Atlanta, specifically Southwest Atlanta as a lifelong resident of District 10, in the office of Atlanta City Council member C.T. Martin for 19 years and as the City of Atlanta Commissioner in the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services for the past 7 ½ years. These years of experience have given Ms. Boone an an in-depth familiarity with the inner workings of the executive and legislative processes and first-hand understanding of budget, tax, and fiscal policies.

You can always count on me to go to bat for you!

~ Andrea Boone

During her unique tenure at City Hall, she has been committed to the community and a key stakeholder moving the city forward while protecting the interests of the residents of Southwest Atlanta.

She has been at the forefront of groundbreaking legislation passed that addressed the City’s $1.5 billion unfunded pension liability and helped grow the City’s reserves from $7.4 million to nearly $150 million, in just over five years.

As the Chief of Staff for the Dean of the Atlanta City Council C.T. Martin, she spearheaded his commitment to affordable housing, public safety improvements and youth empowerment initiatives throughout District 10.

Andrea L. Boone’s major youth empowerment initiatives have included:

Managing the operational growth of the Adamsville Recreation Center, the annual Youth Fest program from an attendance of 150 to programming activities for over 3,000 children.

She has assisted in the implementation of the Mobile Youth Resource Center.

Ms. Boone also helped with the establishment of the Atlanta Youth Commission.


Proven Advocate for Atlanta

Andrea L. Boone is a proven advocate that has always kept, the Atlanta Public School System, Atlanta City Council and the Mayor’s office focused on and prioritizing the needs of residents and neighborhoods in District 10.

“She has solved problems for constituents ranging from water and sewage issues to crime and abandoned property code violations of landlords.”

Andrea has worked hard for District 10 and assisted the Atlanta City Council and Mayor’s office in achieving the goal of hiring 2,000 police officers within the Atlanta Police Department and to successfully balance the City’s budget each year, without increasing taxes.

As commissioner, she worked alongside and in partnership with churches, senior centers, neighborhoods, businesses and other stakeholders to ensure elected officials at City Hall never lose focus on the needs and issues within District 10.

She is dedicated to hearing your concerns and providing solutions for them. She believes that we have tremendous opportunities ahead of us here in Atlanta, and looks forward to representing our neighborhoods best interests.

As we continue to move Atlanta forward, our City Council needs leaders who know how government works. With extensive experience in both legislative and executive actions, Andrea Boone has a unique edge that will benefit Atlanta City Council, District 10.

Early Voting:

October 3rd to November  3rd, 2017

Primary Election:

November 7th, 2017
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